Tobacco Free Policy

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sungai Buloh, Selayang and Teluk Intan Campuses

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1.0 Introduction

The personal health hazards related to all tobacco products, including but not limited to, smoking (e.g. cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookah, etc.) and/ or using smokeless tobacco (e.g., snuff, chew-gutka, jarda, betel quid, etc.) have been well-documented. The health hazards related to smoking impact both the smoker and the non-smoker who is exposed to second hand smoke.

Thus, it is the intent of UiTM Sungai Buloh, Selayang and Teluk Intan Campuses to provide all employees with a healthy work environment. The tobacco free policy will be in line with the Control of Tobacco Product Regulations 2004 (under Food Act 1983 whereby all private and government educational institutions are gazetted as smoke free areas).

UiTM campuses of  Sungai Buloh, Selayang and Teluk Intan wish to implement a tobacco free policy as it  will be  more comprehensive than the gazetted smoke free institutions. This would include prohibition of sales, promotion, and advertisement on all forms of tobacco products. All sponsorships and collaborations with tobacco industries are also prohibited. This is also in line with the Framework Convention Tobacco Control (FCTC), an international treaty, in which Malaysia became a party since 15th December 2005.

This policy aims to serve three main purposes:

This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, contractors and employees of contractors providing services on campuses, agents, guests, patients and visitors.

 2.0 Definitions of all the terms in the policy



3.0 Policy Implementation

4.0 Application of policy

This policy applies to faculties (Medical Faculty and Dentistry Faculty), staff, students, consultants, contractors, patients, visitors and whoever are within the designated premises of the campuses.

Smoking and tobacco use are prohibited in all facilities and areas of the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Sungai Buloh, Selayang and Teluk Intan campuses without exception.

This includes, but not limited to, all indoor and outdoor areas and properties.


5.0 Communication and Dissemination of Policy


Persons will be informed of this policy through:



6.0 Enforcement


This policy is enforced to all workers, students, visitors, contractors, and all individuals that has entered the campus. Those who are in violation of the policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply by immediately discarding the tobacco product.

6.1  First Offence:

6.2  Second Offence:

6.3  Third Offence


7.0 Responsibilities for Policy Implementation

7.1 The Head of Discipline/ Department/ Cluster of the faculties or clinical centre of the campuses are responsible to inform all staff regarding the implementation of this policy.

7.2 “No smoking” signs should be displayed in all entrance areas of all buildings in campuses and all hotspot areas within the campuses.

7.3 Facility Unit is responsible to install the no smoking signs and tobacco free campus signs in the campuses and inform all contractors about the prohibition of smoking in the campus.

7.4 All canteens vendors are required to inform customers who smoke in the area to immediately stop smoking and discard the remaining cigarette. If they fail to comply, they should be requested by the vendor to leave the premise.

7.5 Persons responsible for the implementation of this policy are:

1) Enforcement of Act and fines: 

Environmental Health Officer in Health Office from Ministry of Health

2) All staff appointed by the Director of Campuses:

  1. a) The Security Officers of the campuses.
  2. b) Tobacco Free Initiative committee members.
  3. c) Support, clinical and administrative staff from various areas/ specialties


8.0 Availability of Support for Smokers

The Smoking Cessation Clinic and Student Health Clinic in Clinical Training Center (CTC) will enrol any individual who wishes to quit in a comprehensive smoking cessation program. This includes counselling and cessation services. All employees, including students and patients, who are interested, are encouraged to learn more about this program.


9.0 Promotion, Sales, Direct and Indirect Tobacco Advertisements and sponsorship from tobacco companies

UiTM Campus Sungai Buloh, Selayang and Teluk Intan will not allow any form of promotion, sales, tobacco advertisements (Direct and Indirect) and sponsorships/ collaborations with any tobacco companies. This includes:


10.0 Orientation and Intake of Students and New Staff

All Head of Centres/ Clusters/ Discipline are encouraged to take into account smoking status for intake of new staff and students. All new intakes are encouraged to attend the smoking cessation clinic for smoking status assessment within one month of admission. Subsequently, staff and students who smoke are required to attend quitting sessions in the clinic by appointment.

11.0 Information regarding the policy

Any questions regarding this policy should be referred to the Assistant Vice Chancellor’s office, Tobacco Free Initiative Committee.

12.0 Review of policy

This policy will be reviewed 6 months after the first implementation and yearly afterwards.

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