Moving into a Healthy Tobacco-free Campus Initiative


1.      Development of Policy Tobacco Free Campus UiTM
   1.    Feb 2015- A Tobacco free initiative committee was formed.
   2.    April 2015- Needs assessment survey was conducted. Result revealed 82.3% of  UiTM  residents wants a tobacco free campus.
   3.    31 May 2015 - Policy Development and was approved by Legal advisor of UiTM.
   4.    Series of Workshop Training for Policy Implementers.
   5.    1st January 2016- Policy Tobacco Free Campus was launched and implemented to  three campuses; Sungai Buloh , Selayang, Teluk Intan Campuses.
 2.      Supportive Environment  was provided for quit smoking by ;
  1.     Appropriate signage/ signs of no smoking in campuses area.
  2.    Designated smoking areas in the campuses.
  3.    Provide social support for smokers through quit smoking clinic which was launched  on  31st May 2015 providng free services to assist cessation of smoking.
3.      Skills Training
  1.    Training for trainers comprised - health professionals and students on smoking  cessation treatment and counselling technique through series of workshop.
  2.    Training for policy Implementers
  3.    Training for smokers planning on quitting
4.      Community Involvement
  1.    World Tobacco Day (31st May 2015)
  2.    Launching of Tobacco free Campus Policy
  3.    Tobacco-free society for medical students e.g. Green Lung Society
5.      Reorientation of Health Services
  1.     Educational materials
  2.     Orientation of quit smoking clinic, timetable suitable etc.
6.     Reports, evaluation and research



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