Rector's Office

    The organizational structure of the Rector's Office includes Sungai Buloh Campus, Selayang Campus and Teluk Intan Campus.
    The Faculty of Medicine at Selayang and Teluk Intan Campuses was fully operational in 2010. Selayang Campus houses the administration and management of UiTM Faculty of Medicine until Sungai Buloh Campus operates as the Main Campus in April 2012. Sungai Buloh Campus has a Clinical Training Center (CTC) building which is now known with UiTM Medical Specialist Center, academic and administrative building of the Faculty of Medicine, as well as two Student Residential Colleges. In September 2015, the Faculty of Dentistry began operations at the Sungai Buloh Campus with the facilities of an academic block, a Dental Treatment Center and a Student Residential College. Selayang Campus offers primary medical services to the public, while Sungai Buloh Campus provides primary and specialist services in both the medical and dental fields. Teluk Intan Campus is a transit campus for medical students who carry out attachments (postings) at Teluk Intan Hospital, Sabak Bernam Hospital and district and small health centers around Hilir Perak.
    The Rector's Office, Sungai Buloh-Selayang-Teluk Intan Campus was established starting August 1, 2014 to coordinate and manage campus administration matters. This office is also responsible for ensuring the effective governance of the divisions involved including the Administration, Finance, Library, Facilities Development & Facilities Division, Information Technology, Auxiliary Police, College Management, Career & Counseling Unit, Student Affairs and Islamic Affairs.

    Main Components of UiTM Medical-Dental Campus:
    1. UiTM Kampus Selayang
    2. UiTM Kampus Teluk Intan
    3. Faculty of Medicine
    4. Faculty of Dentistry
    5. Pusat Pakar Perubatan UiTM (PPUiTM)
    6. Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan Molekul (IMMB)
    7. I-Pperform

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      : Professor Dato' Dr Abu Bakar Abdul Majeed
      : Rector (VK5)
      : 603-6126 7569
      : Sg Buloh Campus
      : Afifa Fatiha Saaid
      : Secretary (N29)
      : 603-6126 7569
      : Sg Buloh Campus
      : Ts. Rd Aidifitrina Khirotdin
      : Residential College Principal & Student Affairs
      : 603-6126 7552
      : Sg Buloh Campus
      : Suhaimi Ahmed
      : Deputy Director (Development & Facilities) (J48)
      : 603-6126 7580
      : Sg Buloh Campus

    Assistant Vice Chancellor Office
    Level 1, Academic Building, Health Campus
    Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
    47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.
    Tel No. : 03-6126 7576 / 7572 - Fax: 03-6126 7566


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